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Global Suicide

by Fixation

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Neurosis 05:10
I’m sick of fighting this internal war. While the world outside me is rotting to its core. I’m dead, but only in my head. Enslaved by lies, deceit and hate. It has become a part of me. We used to say what we wanted to say. We had our own voice. Now, they spew their hatred and the masses rejoice. It’s a global suicide. It’s our own extinction. Which we are misled to deny. Have we lost our minds or our sense of morality? Have we become misanthropists?
Survive 05:17
We’ve heard it before, way too many times. Why can’t we seem to understand it? “It’s all in your head, just don’t think like that. Where do your demons even come from?” Because we treat those who are damaged, like they are just a bunch of crooks. Does it have to bleed for you to get it? We give them guns instead of guidance, then wonder why our kids are killing themselves. Just scream. Just cry. Just let out what you’ve got inside. Tear off the black and let your colors bleed through. The ones who caused you this pain, just show them who you really are. No one can take that away from you. And no one should. You can’t be you, because it’s not you they know. You hide the truth, because the truth can’t be loved. So, you wear a face to hide who you are. Because it’s better to fake a smile than to show them your scars. You’re looking at me as I fall apart, while I’m watching you as you leave. You rip me apart and then leave me to bleed. And the blood that runs out will stain, but trust me, I would do it all again. Just scream ‘til there’s nothing left. And burn the mask that you possess. Don’t let their hate destroy you.
Bloodline 04:09
Your words, like a disease, are infecting the weak-minded. This is not freedom. It is the blind leading the blinded. Make us liars. Fake our sins. We’d rather be ignored than be controlled. Hide behind your big bombs. We’d rather live real life than live a lie. The 1% wants the world to end. So they can have it for themselves. Want you to kiss their feet and beg. But you’re fucked if you’re not part of their bloodline. Don’t trust the preachers of false information. They are only out for your blood. Trust the children of this generation. They do not need to pay to be loved.
The day will come when we all must face what we have done to be stuck in this hell. This is not the price for our sins. This is not part of gods plan. It’s not natures way. This is what we have done. And it keeps on getting worse. Why do you think the sky is turning black? Why are the forests burning? Why are we standing with water up to our necks? They leave us choking, while they plan their getaway. This is how we ended all of mankind. All we built is turning into dust. And what’s left behind? Nothing at all


released August 7, 2020


all rights reserved



Fixation Oslo, Norway

Fixation is a brand-new melodic metalcore band who freely combine electronic elements with stadium rock and metal. Whenever the music reaches the depths of it’s beautiful and soft vulnerability, you’re abruptly hurled back up again by aggressive riffs and bass lines. The result is compelling and massive music that appeals to a generation rather than to fans of one specific genre. ... more

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